Günter Erhart - Curriculum Vitae

1973 * in Tyrol (Austria)
1991 Graduated from Neusprachliches Gymnasium in Stams
1993-96 ArtWorks (image processing software)
1994 Worked on NEO's video game "The Clue!"
1994-96 Collaborated with Clemens Zauner working on the
technical side of various art projects: Gebhard Sengmüller's
TV Poetry, Open Circuit, Hilus Archives, various interactive web projects
1994/96-98 WolfPac (3D Pacman)
1994/95 Employee of Claus Reinprecht, H*s
1997/98 Employee of Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf
1998 Premiere of VinylVideo in San Francisco (a collaboration with Gebhard
Sengmüller and Martin Diamant)
1998/99 Employee of Chili Chickens (Gaberschek und Partner KEG)
Oct. 17th, 2000 Master's degree in Computer Science from the Vienna
University of Technology in Austria
since 2001 Working for Angel Studios
2001 Moved to Southern California

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