Texts about VinylVideo™

01_vv_short_text.html    (a short summary, English/German)
02_vv_about.html    (general information about VinylVideo™, with the product catalog, English/German)
03_vv_essay_bestbefore.html    (an essay by Best Before, in English)
04_essay_druckrey_eikon.pdf    (an essay by Timothy Druckrey, English/German) (Acrobat Reader required)
05_vv_advertising_folder.pdf    (a supplementary of Eikon Magazine, in English) (Acrobat Reader required)
05_vv_werbefolder.pdf    (eine Beilage zum EIKON Magazin, in German) (Acrobat Reader required)
06_vv_catalog.pdf    (general information about VinylVideo™, with graphics, English/German) (Acrobat Reader required)
07_vv_infomercial.html    (the complete script of the VinylVideo™ infomercial, English/German)
08_vv_theme_song.html    (the lyrics of the notorious VinylVideo™ theme song, English/German)
09_essay_gute_subtechs.pdf     (an essay by Charles Gute for the subtechs show, in English)
10_vv_in_the_mix.html     (about the new live show "VinylVideo™ In The Mix", English/German)
11_welcome_to_vv.html     (about the new installation "Welcome to the World of VinylVideo™", in English)
12_vv_press_release.html    (a general and short press release, in German)
13_vv_showlist.html    (a list of all VinylVideo™ presentations sinc 1998, English/German)
14_curriculum_sengmueller.html    (Curriculum Vitae Gebhard Sengmüller)
15_curriculum_diamant.html    (Curriculum Vitae Martin Diamant)
16_curriculum_erhart.html    (Curriculum Vitae Günter Erhart)

In the case of special requests or problems, please e-mail us at info@vinylvideo.com