Welcome to the World of VinylVideo™

This new VinylVideo™ Installation premiered at Postmasters Gallery, New York City, on April 1st, 2000.

”Welcome to the World of VinylVideo™" is a shop-like room that allows the visitor to experience all levels of this missing link in media history. it involves:
- a shelf with all 21 VinylVideo™ Picture Disks that have been produced so far, plus some vinyl-related merchandising items.
- a viewing station, including the VinylVideo™ Home Kit, where the visitor can pick his favourite disk and watch it.
- a sound station, where the original sound of the VinylVideo™ Picture Disks can be heard and manipulated. The station gives insight about the sound-image correlation of the VinylVideo™ technology.
- several displays of  VinylVideo™ Picture Disk Covers and other related items.
- a web terminal to gather additional background information about VinylVideo™, to convert own images into sound by using the proprietary Trashpeg technology or to look up the catalog of available Picture Disks and other related products.

required space: 5x5 meters, three walls

please check out images of the installation at:
please check out video clips of the installation at:
A demotape (on VHS or in broadcast quality DV format) is available.