vv rec.no.23 Elke Krystufek - This is Who We Are

"This is Who We Are" consists of numerous short sequences: clips from the American TV series "Millenium", broadcast at the turn of the Century, photographs of nude children and child portraits in natural landscapes from the thirties as well as a performance by Elke Krystufek, which was given in the Kunsthalle Vienna at the exhibition "Lebt und Arbeitet in Wien" ("Lives and Works in Vienna"), and it's remake in her apartment. In the performance, Elke Krystufek's nude body is hung with clothes or bound in adhesive tape fixing everyday visual aids such as video cameras and sun glasses to her body. She wears wigs, make up and masks, and moves with the help of sporting equipment. The characters created in this way are reminiscent of consumption and fashion between everyday burden and role playing, of creatures of fable between an imaginative escape and the presence of monsters. The sound alternates between pop songs, among them by Laurie Anderson, and clips from Wagner's Parzifal. The TV series "Millenium" to be seen alongside presents sequences from the time of the Third Reich, showing dramatically charged and spectacular scenes of Nazi Germany, with history being substituted by Symbols. The photographs of children also start to arouse disquiet in this context. They seem to become symbols of a fascist aesthetic even though there is no reference to a concrete situation or story. The question is, how can we deal with this uneasiness, with that moment as often quoted and yet not critically incorporated.